New European Ceramics – part VIII

Collection of Italian Modernist Vases by Fratelli Fanciulacci (LEO Design)

Among my new favorites is this little grouping of Italian Modernist hand-made ceramics by Fratelli Fanciulacci in Florence.  The pieces are clearly hand-built, given the size and weight variation from piece to piece—not to mention the wonderful randomness which comes from this type of labor-intensive, hand-incised decoration.  Unfortunately, the company was wiped-out with the flooding of the River Arno in 1966 and struggled to survive after that. With the flood, Fratelli Fanciulacci lost all their stock, their kilns, their office records and their employee-craftsmen—who were forced to find work elsewhere while the company sought to re-start.  Thus, the best of the workshop—like the pieces above—were made in the early 1960’s, before the flood.

To learn more about the largest piece (at center) please click on the photo above.  And peruse our on-line shop where many of our newly-acquired pieces are already listed.

More newly-acquired European art pottery tomorrow.


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