New European Ceramics – part IX

Scheurich Floor Vase with Highly-Textured Ultramarine Blue Glazing (LEO Design)

The ultramarine blue glazing fairly vibrates with richness on this Scheurich West German “floor vase” from the 1960’s or 1970’s.  The name “ultramarine” comes from the Latin “ultra marinus” which means “beyond the sea”—since the original ultramarine pigment came from grinding lapis lazuli brought from Afghanistan (very far away).  Because of the rarity of the precious Afghan stone (plus the cost of transporting it to Italy), ultramarine blue was the costliest of Medieval and Renaissance paints—often exceeding the value of gold. When I first posted this vase on my Instagram account (where new merchandise goes first), an English follower commented: “What an absolute beauty.  How has this escaped Europe?”  It is truly a stand-alone piece.

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More newly-acquired European art pottery tomorrow.


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