New English Receipts – part XII

Victorian English Silver Earrings (LEO Design)

We sell a lot of men’s cufflinks at LEO Design.  They are the perfect “Handsome Gift” for stylish men.  They’re interesting, functional, and small enough to be easily transported. Furthermore, any man who collects cufflinks will appreciate a new, different and handsome pair to add to his collection.

We’re asked—occasionally—if we sell jewelry for women.  In fact, at least once a week, a woman will peruse our cufflinks and ask if we can convert them to earrings.  But, to date, we’ve kept our offering of feminine jewelry somewhat limited.  As a rule, I avoid anything which involves sizing.  I do stock a nice assortment of vintage and antique brooches, most of which I’ve stumbled-across while targeting the principle quarry: cufflinks.

Well, during my recent buying trip to London, I thought I would creep-out on a limb with this pair of Victorian silver earrings, circa 1880’s, shown above.  At first I thought they were cufflinks!  But I liked them and thought they would fit into the LEO Design aesthetic.  Please come into the shop to see them in-person or click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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