New English Receipts – part III

Victorian English Silver Shield-Form Brooches (LEO Design)

I collect a lot of cufflinks—and continued to do so on my recent trip to England (stay tuned, photos coming!).  In the course of hunting for these cufflinks, the occasional piece of women’s jewelry catches my eye.  It’s usually more “handsome” than frivolous and it often has a strong sculptural dimension.  I’m especially fond of Late-Victorian brooches, like the newly-acquired collection shown above.  I love the combination of restrained femininity and the whisper of mechanical futurism.  These silver pins look (to me) like the cogs in some fictional, fantastical Victorian illustrated factory-wonderland.  They’re serious without being dour; substantial without being (too) heavy.  Remember that they came from a place where (and a time when) the queen was still mourning the loss of her beloved mate.  Victoria was a substantial and serious woman and she wore jewelry which reflected her station and temperament—and her subjects adorned themselves likewise.

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