New English Receipts – part I

A Collection of Victorian and Edwardian English Brass Chain Photo Frames (LEO Design)

Last month I completed a successful buying trip to London.  The result: fully-stocked shelves of Handsome Gifts as only the English know how to make them!  By now (finally!) everything has been spiffed-up, photographed, priced, arranged and is ready for your closest inspection. Many of these new finds already have been posted to our Instagram account (leodesignhandsomegifts) and listed in our on-line shop ( Please check-out (or follow) our Instagram account—which is the best place to see our new merchandise first.

Over the next several days, we’d like to share some of our newest finds.  Shown above, a nice collection of Victorian and Edwardian English brass photo frames—ranging in size from that of a postage stamp to that of a small postcard.  Although antique frames do not conform to modern-day popular sizing, there’s no better way to frame a period photo.  And the smallish size lends itself perfectly to a handsome little photo displayed in a tiny little spot.  Of course, they also look good in a grouping.

Please come into the shop to see the entire collection or click on the photo above to learn about these handsome frames.



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