Neat and Tidy

French Ceramic Comb Box with Transfer-Printed Greek Key Decor (LEO Design)

Ah, those were the days.  Simple days when keeping order was so much more…achievable? And every possible need was satisfied in a stylish manner.  Take the French ceramic comb dish, shown above.  It would have sat upon a man’s (or woman’s) dresser (vanity) holding his comb between uses.  It may have been part of a larger ceramic set, decorated with a handsome Greek Key transfer pattern.   Today this covered bowl would be perfect on a desk or at a bedside—holding important little things of great (or of no) value.  Rings, cufflinks, collar stays, watches, paperclips, rubber bands, keys or jellybeans:  there is no end to the clever uses one could invent to put this handsome accessory to good use.  To learn more about it, please click on the photo above.



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