National Bird-Feeding Month

Danish Modern Two-Bird Plaque by Beth Breyen for Royal Copenhagen (LEO Design)

February is National Bird-Feeding Month, a period during which the public is educated about the feeding and watching of wild birds.  It began on 23 February 1994 when Representative John Porter (R – Illinois) introduced into the record a plea for individuals to provide food, water, and shelter for wild birds—especially in February, one of the most difficult months for wild birds to survive.  The representative noted that one-third of American families already help feed wild birds and that it is an entertaining, educational, inexpensive activity enjoyed by children and adults alike.  It also provides, he noted, a needed break from today’s frantic lifestyle.

Oh, when such issues dominated the House floor!  I’d venture that life has only become more frantic in the intervening years.  Nevertheless, the representative should be commended for encouraging a simple action which provides sustenance for our feathered friends and a bit of enjoyment for the provider.

The Danish stoneware plaque, shown above, depicts a pair of birds, clearly not in-need of additional nutrition.  Click on the photo to learn more about the piece.


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