My Trunk is Packed . . .

Czech Ceramic Elephant with Old Gold Finish and Faux Ivory Tusks (LEO Design)

My trunk is packed and I’ve hoisted it across the Atlantic.  Today I begin a ten day shopping trip in England—starting in London, moving south, and, after that, wherever the trail leads.

Over the last 20 years as a shopkeeper, I’ve met and befriended many collectors in various parts of the world.  Some of them started as customers; others were introduced to me by a mutual acquaintance or happenstance.  These devoted “students of their avocations” are a great source for me and the shop.  Collectors, you see, are always in the process of buying, trading, and selling.  Quite often, in their hunting, they will find something that’s just right for me.  Sometimes I’ll buy from them one of their duplicates or an object that has fallen-out of their ever-shifting (ever-narrowing) focus as a collector.

Several times a year, I make trips to visit “my collectors.”  This gives me a chance to view their recent finds, learn from them, and—of course—acquire “Handsome Gifts” for LEO Design.

Check back over the next few days as I share some of these finds with you.  You’ll be able to see them in-person, in the shop, at the end of the month—and, perhaps, add one or two of them to your own, personal collection.