Let the Games Begin!

Lithographic Print of a Skater by Sir William Nicholson, RA (LEO Design)

Tonight begin the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. And what an interesting region to spotlight!  Happily, it seems that South Korea was able to defuse the "Peninsular Tension" by inviting a few North Korean athletes to participate alongside the Southerners.

While generally not a sports fan, every two years I find myself strangely-fixated on the details (and competition) of some niche Olympic sporting event.  Perhaps I like the fact that lesser-broadcast sports (at least in America) are given a beautiful platform on which to perform.  I like the international aspect of the competition.  And I enjoy the camaraderie between competitors who love their chosen sports as much as they love winning.

Competitors—and their families—have made great sacrifices to get to this level of competition.  Good luck to them.  And, remember, win or lose, they will always be Olympic athletes.

The print above, from 1898, is by Sir William Nicholson, RA.  It shows a woman learning to skate—and using a chair during her tentative, first attempt.  


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