La Fête Nationale

Bronze Rooster at LEO Design

On this day in 1789, French revolutionaries stormed and captured the 14th century Paris fortress called the Bastille Saint-Antoine.  Long used as a prison by the kings of France, the citadel was a potent symbol of the monarchy’s dominance.  Once captured, its name became a rallying cry for the rag-tag revolutionaries.  To this day, 14 July is amongst France’s most important holidays with celebrations, parades, and military drills and fly-overs.  The original Bastille Saint-Antoine was torn-down shortly after the Revolution and today, in its place, one finds a plaza called La Place de la Bastille.  “Bastille Day” is the how the holiday is known in English-Speaking countries.

The bronze rooster, shown above, is French-Canadian (not French) and can be found in the shop every day of the year.  He seems to gleam just a little brighter on this day.