Koa Wood from Kauai

Hawaiian Koa Wood Photo Frames (LEO Design)

In the Hawaiian Islands, one finds an exotic and precious hardwood called Koa.  In the time of the Ali’i (the Chief), Koa was plentiful—large trunks were hollowed-out for canoes, others were planed into surfboards, and smaller pieces were hand-fashioned into bowls, ukuleles, furniture, even flooring.  Today the wood is protected; one must have a permit to log a diseased or falling specimen.

Although koa is a member of the Acacia family, this particular species is found only in Hawaii. The milled wood has a lustrous, golden iridescence, with a grain similar to old-growth mahogany.

In Hawaii today, koa objects are very highly valued—it is the premier wood for local woodworkers.  Antique koa objects fetch tremendous prices.

The frames, shown in the photograph above, were made by a local Kauai craftsman and hand-carried (by me) from the island just yesterday. You’ll find them in the shop today in a range of popular sizes (from $85.00).  There is also a very handsome, glazed koa Watch Display Case which can be used to protect and display five watches or other collectable objects.

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