Blue Agate

English Agate Brooch in Silver Setting (LEO Design)

I’m always hunting for cufflinks at LEO Design; they are the perfect “Handsome Gift.”  While I enjoy hunting-down cufflinks, I try not to ignore the women.  On my last buying trip to England, I bought a dozen brooches—mostly Victorian and Edwardian pieces—which I hope will please the ladies (or the men who shop for them).  Admittedly, the jewelry I buy tends to be more "Handsome" than "Girly."  It reflects an aesthetic period when an aging Queen Victoria popularized strong and sensible accessories—as befitted a serious, powerful and heartbroken world leader.  

Shown above, an English variegated blue agate brooch set in sterling silver.  It would make a very attractive accent on the lapel of a grey, camel or blue jacket or coat.  Despite its (relatively) recent vintage (hallmarked London, 1987), it is of terrific quality and feels lovely in the hand.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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