Italian Silver-Plate

Collection of Italian Silver-Plated Frames with Mahogany Backs (LEO Design)

Call me loyal.  For the past twenty years, I’ve carried but one line of silver-plated photo frames—hand-made outside of Florence, Italy.  When the workshop closed, two years ago, I immediately began the hunt for a replacement source.  But finding the perfect vendor was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be—and it took me two years!  But (hurrah!) I’ve found a great new Italian frame-maker and we’ve just received our first order.  And I love what we’ve received.

Shown above, a sample of these new frames.  They come in three sizes (4×6, 5×7 and 8×10) and three different styles (hammered, plain, and one adorned with a beaded line).  They are finished with handsome, wooden backs, have a heavy, quality hand-feel to them, and have been treated with a tarnish-resistant process ($175 – $250).

A few points about silver-plate.  Occasionally, customers will request sterling silver frames—believing that a frame of pure silver is finer than its silver-plated cousin.  And, I suppose, it is more precious.  But sterling silver has some serious drawbacks. First, sterling silver is quite soft, making the frame susceptible—over time—to dents and dings.  Furthermore, a sterling silver frame (using as much metal as found in a quality silver-plated frame) should cost two to three times the price.  Most importantly, without hunting for the silver hallmark, there is no easy way to tell if a frame is sterling or silver-plated.  For these reasons, I gladly carry quality silver-plated frames—which have all the style, better value, and superior resistance to everyday wear and tear.