It’s Cyber Monday!

For those who know me, I was amongst the last of the Luddites.  I had to be dragged (kicking and screaming) into the on-line world.

Two things precipitated my capitulation.  First, I moved my shop—two blocks and a world away—and wanted my established customers to be able to find me. Web Genius Brad Soucy and photographer Kevin Mills created a simple and beautiful website for me.  It showed a few pictures and provided our new address.  That’s all.

Three years after that, my customer, Scott Schuman, finally tipped me the rest of the way into the “On-Line World.”  You see, Scott—besides being a great guy and great customer—is a wonderful photographer and has created a highly-regarded blog, The Sartorialist.  He convinced me (gently) that I must start selling on-line.  The Sartorialist had been very kind to my shop in the past and I knew that customers (and some sales) had  come my way thanks to his postings.  Scott convinced me I had to “up my game.”

So Web Genius (and Artist) Brad Soucy was re-engaged (Kevin had since moved to Los Angeles) and, together, we created the new site you are now viewing.     We launched it on 23 July 2013—my fiftieth birthday.

So, in honor of Cyber Monday, I invite you to peruse my website, perhaps check-out the on-line shop, and look into the talented (and nice) men who are responsible for this website’s existence.


Here are their links: