In Search of the Pharaoh's Daughter - XIV

Altitude Notification at the Dead Sea, Jordan (LEO Design)
The heat and stillness are overwhelming at the Dead Sea.  And the thick, soupy water is extremely salty—not refreshing at all.   I was warned to avoid getting the water into my eyes or mouth (which did happen).  But they say the water is great for a float, especially after applying a thick layer of Dead Sea mud all over your face and body.  It didn't dry as quickly as I would have thought; perhaps I was perspiring too much in the heat.  But, I must admit, while I did not look any younger after a dip, my skin did feel smooth and hydrated.
Looking Across the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel (LEO Design)


Here's a sunrise view across the Dead Sea, from Jordan (where we were staying) to Israel, across the water.


A Stray Kitten by The Dead Sea, Jordan (LEO Design)


And a little kitten, one of the strays who roamed around our hotel grounds.  God bless all the little LEOs.


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