Happy Left-Handers’ Day

Dutch Folding Pocket Ruler with Brass Mountings (LEO Design)

Since 1976, 13 August has been celebrated as “Left-handers’ Day,” a day to promote the uniqueness and contributions of the world’s “lefties” (estimated at 7 – 10% of the population). Left-handers International strives to raise public awareness of the very real difficulties they often endure living in a right-handed world.

Despite these difficulties, left-handers have contributed significantly to the worlds of art, science, and leadership:  Aristotle, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Curie, and Leonardo da Vinci (who wrote "backwards," from right to left).  In more recent times, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and (at least) eight U.S. presidents have been left-handed.  Interestingly, in the last three decades, most of the country’s presidents have been left-handed: Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush (Sr.), Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.  Researchers believe that left-handers have an enhanced aptitude for language and communication skills,  skills which suit them for success in the political arena.

Artist-Genius, Brad Soucy, who built the very website you are viewing, is left-handed, too.  You will learn more about him at BradSoucy.com.

The Dutch folding wooden pocket ruler (shown above), made in the 1920’s, does not discriminate;  it can be used by either hand—left or right.  Fitted with brass mountings, it is handsome, stylish and useful.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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