Hand-Crafted in Queens

Hand-Crafted Pewter Photo Frames Made in New York City (LEO Design)

Let’s close-out with another look at our NYC-made frames—this time in their original pewter finish.  Pewter—an alloy of  tin, copper, antimony and (in this case) a touch of silver—is cast in a foundry in Queens, New York.  Burrs and other irregularities are then hand-chased (cleaned-off) before the frames are polished and mounted with glass and velvet backings.  Pewter tarnishes very slowly; one only need polish these pewter frames about once a year to keep them looking bright.  In fact, many people find the soft, velvety look of darkened pewter attractive and desirable (especially when improved with a light waxing).

Please come into the shop to see our wide range of pewter frames and don’t forget:  you’re always welcome to bring your photos to the shop with you.  We’ll be more than happy to set-up (and gift box) your new frame with your treasured photograph.