Galgo Español

Cast Brass Spanish Hound Letterknife (LEO Design)

The Galgo Español is an ancient breed of hound from Spain, documented as far back as the second half of the Middle Ages.  This time period coincides with the Reconquista—that is, the period when Spanish Christians re-claimed the lands held by Iberian Muslims.  As Spanish Catholics began to move-down from the more mountainous areas and settle into the “re-acquired” broader, flatter plains (previously held by Muslims) , the Galgo proved to be excellent for a new type of hunting—specifically rabbits.  They come in both smooth and “coated” varieties and it is believed that the English Greyhound may have descended from the older, Spanish breed.

The brass letter knife, pictured above, was made in Spain in the 1920’s.  Its long face and folded ears look very much like a Galgo, one of the original Spanish breeds.  


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