Twenties "Puzzle-Peg" Gameboard with Original Box and Instruction Booklet (LEO Design)


Ready to shut-off the computer?  Already watched everything good on Netflix?  Perhaps this "Puzzle-Peg" game board, from the 1920's, will scratch that old-time "quiet-evening-at-home" itch?  Like "Chinese Checkers," pegs are eliminated by jumping over them with other pegs.  The goal: to remove all pegs except for one peg—left in the center hole of the board.  One can play alone or with a friend and the instruction booklet offers many other possible challenges. The set includes all the pegs, instruction manual and original box.  The original booklet (included) informs us that "Puzzle-Peg is a boon to old people, shut-ins and invalids" and "it can be played while sitting in a chair or lying in bed.  It completely takes their mind from their troubles."  The manual also informs us that "Puzzle-Peg is also wonderful for girls and boys who have reached the reasoning age."  Click on the photo above to learn more about Puzzle-Peg.


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