Fulper Pottery – Part Two

Fulper Matte Green Vase with Bulbous Base and Tapering Neck (LEO Design)

In the previous entry about the Fulper Pottery Company, it was 1910 and Johann Martin Stangl had just joined the firm.  He created a line of highly-regarded Arts & Crafts pottery with complex, organic glazes.

Mr. Stangl also developed a line of art pottery lamps, glazed in his trademark finishes—some of them topped with ceramic shades, inset with shards of colored glass.  Intended for an upscale, department store and jewelry store clientele, the lamps were quite costly in their day.  Nevertheless, with Mr. Fulper’s promoting, they sold well.

When World War I came around—and German products weren’t being imported into the U.S.—Fulper began making porcelain dolls heads to be used in American-made dolls.  When the war ended, and German doll heads proved to be cheaper to import than to make, Fulper switched its porcelain production to lamps, ashtrays, trinket boxes, and other items for use on a dressing table.

In the interest of expanding—and as the Arts & Crafts style moved out of fashion—Fulper developed lines in the English or Spanish Revival styles.

The Fulper vase above, in a classic Arts & Crafts matte green, was made between 1916 and 1922, under the direction of Mr. Stangl.  Click on the photo to learn more about it.

More about Fulper Pottery tomorrow.


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