Fulper Pottery – Part Three

Fulper Arts & Crafts Ceramic Vase with Matte Green Glazing (LEO Design)

In the year 1924, Mr. Stangl was promoted to company Vice President.  Fulper Pottery, ever-expanding, built a second factory, also in Flemington, to produce its new line of “Fayence” tableware:  plates, bowls, tea sets and other food service-related items.  Sold as “open stock,” some of the dinnerware was solid-colored and some were hand-painted with Art Deco patterns.  At this point, some of these Fulper-made items were being marked  “Stangl” and promoted (somewhat awkwardly) as “Stangl Pottery, made by Fulper Pottery.”

Business boomed and, in time, a third plant (in Trenton, NJ) was acquired to produce even more of the Stangl line.  When William Fulper died in 1928, Mr. Stangl was promoted to President of the company.  Under his leadership, the higher-end Fulper line embraced the Art Deco and Classical Revival styles while the more moderately-priced Stangl line continued with dinnerware, service ware, and the less-expensively-produced art pottery.

In 1935, with the country in the midst of The Depression, the upscale Fulper line was discontinued permanently.  The Fulper factories continued to operate, only now they were producing solely Stangl-marked products.  In time, the original factory burned-down, the second factory was turned into a (very popular) showroom and “factory store” and all production was moved to the third, Trenton facility.  The Stangl range was produced there until the company finally closed-down in 1978.

The piece, shown above, is from the early Fulper line of Arts & Crafts pottery.


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