Four Years ’till Armistice

WWI English Brass Memorial Frame (LEO Design)

2014 marks the Centenary of the start of World War I.  Four years from today, we’ll mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.  “The Great War”, as it was called, introduced unprecedented horror and massive casualties—due, in part, to the use of new technology to maim and kill the enemy.  Very few families escaped the loss of a son, husband or father.

To commemorate a lost soldier, a family would mount the deceased’s photo in a frame like the one shown above.  Made of cast brass in the English Art Nouveau period, the bas relief depicts a mythological nymph holding a protective laurel wreath over the head of the deceased—an act symbolizing eternal protection and an act of blessing.

The frame is beautiful and in-keeping with much of the memorial art of the early 20th Century.  It is one of many antique frames recently acquired and now in-shop.  Please come into the store to see the full collection or click upon the photo above to learn more about this frame.

More new (vintage) frames in the next few days.