Fly Me to the Moon

Studio Vase by Wilhelm & Elli Such with Moon-like Glaze (LEO Design)

About a year ago, I started a new color collection of antique and vintage art pottery—ceramics glazed in highly-textured  neutrals: whites, browns and greys.  As the collection grew and evolved, I began to appreciate the grouping more and more.  And it has proven to be a popular collection sales-wise, too.

Shown above, a piece by the German husband and wife team of Wilhelm and Elli Kuch.  The hand-thrown form is crafted in a very dark brown clay.  The crusty white overglaze skips portions of the vessel, allowing “craters” of the dark brown to show-through. This vase, aside from its oblong shape, reminds me very much of the moon, beaming soft white but complicated with a roughly-textured surface.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about the vase—or visit the shop and see the entire collection of textured neutrals.

For those who’ve read this Journal for the past several days, you’ll remember a posting about German Renaissance master Albrecht Dürer.  This vase is another example of Nürnberg’s artistic legacy—for, just like Dürer,  the Kuch’s did their wonderful work in that historically talented city.


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