Fit for a Tsar

Musgo Real Classic Portuguese Shave Cream (LEO Design)

What’s a Tsar to do?  Try as he might, his people just wouldn’t modernize!  Peter the Great had an idea.  On this day in 1698, Tsar Peter I levied a tax on all men who insisted on wearing a beard.  Clergymen and peasants were exempt from the levy but everyone else had to pay. Men who chose to keep their beards were required to carry a copper or silver token—evidence that they had paid the fine.  Certainly this would move Russia into the community of modern 18th Century countries!

Though beard taxes are no longer imposed, many men like to keep clean, nevertheless.  To help you, a wonderful, moisturizing shave cream from Portugal. It may not make shaving a delight—but it will make the ordeal as easy as possible.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.



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