Farewell, Macbeth

Scottish Silver Rampant Lion Shield-Form Cufflinks (LEO Design)

The real Macbeth, King of Scotland, was killed on this day in 1057.  At war with England, he was killed in battle during an English invasion (or died a few days later, after being mortally wounded).  Called “The Red King,” he was the King of Scotland (sometimes called “Alba”) from 1040 until his death.  He was buried on the island of Iona, off the Scottish coast.

Born sometime around 1005, Macbeth is best known as the subject of Shakespeare’s tragedy of the same name.  While the play is great, it is, alas, highly inaccurate;  its portrayal of the king, his personality, and his reign is dramatically fictionalized by the Bard.

The Scottish silver cufflinks above—hallmarked in Edinburgh, 1960—may have been crafted some 900 years after Macbeth, but still reflect the rough and regal country from which they come.  And its infamous (fictional) king.

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