English Armor

Victorian English Silver Filagree Shield-Form Brooch (LEO Design)

Shields serve a purpose: to protect its bearer from harm be it arrows, lances or clubs. Functional, utilitarian shields should be strong and light, making them portable and effective.  The less embellishment they have, the more practical they become.  With decorative dress shields, however, the goal is to impress—with wealth, style or military might.  Dress shields, intended for the parade route (not he balltlefield), give the designer a canvas on which to exercise his craftsmanship—be it metalwork, sculpture or painting.

When it comes to collecting women’s jewelry, usually I am drawn to the handsome.  I really like late Victorian English silver brooches, like the example above, which has a serious, shield-like sensibility.  It also exhibits a mastery of filagree and a pleasing arrangement of projecting embossments.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about this brooch and peruse the collection of similar-period pieces in our on-line shop (under Jewelry).


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