Easter Monday

Gardener Rabbit Letterpress Greeting Card (LEO Design)

Though not recognized much in the United States, Easter Monday has long been observed by Christians in other countries—and celebrated with various local customs from the charming to the bizarre.  Before the Nineteenth Century, the full “Octave” of Easter (that is, the eight days beginning with Easter) were celebrated, usually as an upbeat time of light and renewal.  Eventually, the week-long observance was shortened to one day—Easter Monday—and it is still a Holiday in much of Europe and other Christian countries.

Some popular Easter Monday activities include egg-painting, egg-hunting, or egg-rolling at picnics or other outdoor festivals.  In Eastern Europe, young boys will awaken early and torment young girls (probably the ones they fancy) by pouring water on them while they sleep, then hitting their legs with willow switches.  The Guyanese fly kites which they’ve made on Holy Saturday.  And in Ireland, people commemorate the men and women who died on the Easter Rising of 1916—which began on an Easter Monday.

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