Earth Day

Collection of Globes at LEO Design

It was 1970.  War in Viet Nam was aflame, students were protesting on campuses across the country, and popular entertainers were writing songs like “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” And the environment was in shambles.  Air, water, and land were being poisoned with toxins—both intentionally and accidentally.  After a particularly upsetting oil spill off Santa Barbara, California, Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson decided to harness the angry energy of the American public and created Earth Day.  It was pitched as “a National Teach-in on the Environment” and the idea took off.  Rallies, protests and all sorts of gatherings were held coast-to-coast, all with the aim of increasing environmental awareness.

Earth Day was hugely successful and became an annual event.  It is credited with providing the impetus for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.  It also provided momentum for the Endangered Species Act.

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