Czech White Deco Vases

Pair of Czech Art Deco White Vases (LEO Design)

Perhaps your father’s interests include the botanical.  Shown above, a pair of Czech Art Deco white vases, made in the 1930’s.  Bohemia—while it took design cues from larger cultural centers (like Vienna)—was no stranger to good design.  From Mucha’s Art Nouveau to Moser’s Art Deco, there’s a rich history of good art, design and craftsmanship in the former Czechoslovakia.

The pair of vases above are streamlined and simple—and unmistakably Art Deco.  They are also unmistakably Czech.  A bit unusual as a Father’s Day gift, perhaps, but handsome, useful and sure to be appreciated as they stand sentry on your dad’s mantelpiece.  

More Father’s Day gift ideas in the days to come.