Cufflink Collection – part III

Art Deco Cufflinks with Tangerine Enameling (LEO Design)

The enameling on these Thirties Art Deco cufflinks reminded me of citrus—a Clementine, in particular.  And what timing!  The Clementine, sometimes called the Christmas Orange, will be appearing in their little wooden crates in the next couple of weeks.

Originating in the Mediterranean—Italy, Spain and North Africa—these sweet, usually seedless fruits are now grown in other similar climes.  But, in order for the fruit to remain seedless, it must not be cross-bred with other varieties.  In fact, some California citrus growers have sued local beekeepers to keep their swarms away from their trees!

The cufflinks above, fashioned in an octagonal, shield-form manner, display an attractive guilloché pattern under the citrusy enamel atop.  Please see our wide selection of handsome, vintage cufflinks.  Perhaps you’ll find someone’s perfect Holiday gift!

More newly-acquired vintage cufflinks tomorrow.