Cufflink Collection – part II

Krementz Art Deco Cufflinks with White Enameling and Gold-Plated Backs (LEO Design)

Krementz was a jewelry maker in Newark, NJ which concentrated on designs for men: cufflinks, dress sets, military insignia and the like.  Their heyday was the first half of the Twentieth Century.  The cufflinks above, made in the 1920’s or 1930’s, are an example of their work.  A radiant “guilloché” star is enameled-over with white glass powder.  When fired, the glass powder reconstitutes as a thin layer of glass (enameling).  When set-into gold-plated backs, the resulting cufflinks make for a handsome finish on a crisp shirt of any color or pattern.  

More newly-acquired cufflinks tomorrow and in days to come.