Countdown to Mother's Day - VIII


English Blue Agate Oval Brooch with Sterling Silver Mounting (LEO Design)


We're counting-down the days to Mother's Day with an assortment of thoughtful gifts for the important women in our lives.  Order early and be sure to request gift boxing, if you'd like it.  We can also ship directly to your mother, possibly saving a few days in-transit.  (Please be sure to specify your desired greeting for an enclosure card to accompany your gift.)

While on the hunt for men's jewelry, mostly cufflinks, I will often come-across women's jewelry which catches my eye—most often jewelry which might be called "handsome."  (By the way, "handsome" was a term used to describe attractively stately women in the 19th Century.  It did not carry a male-only connotation.)  These pieces usually exhibit interesting metalwork or attractive semi-precious stones and would rarely be called "girly" or "fussy."  Strong, bold and organic pieces are most likely to appeal to me.

One such brooch is shown above: an English polished oval agate with randomly organic striations of blue, white and honey-caramel.  The stone is set in a "twisted" sterling silver mounting, hallmarked London 1987.  While the setting is not very old, the stone itself has spent millennia being heated and compressed deep within the earth.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

More nice Mother's Day gifts tomorrow and in the days to come.


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