Countdown to Mother's Day - III


Edwardian English Brass Lace-Up Boot Pincushion (LEO Design)


We're counting-down the days to Mother's Day with an assortment of thoughtful gifts for the important women in our lives.  Order early and be sure to request gift boxing, if you'd like it.  We can also ship directly to your mother, possibly saving a few days in-transit.  (Please be sure to specify your desired greeting for an enclosure card to accompany your gift.)

Once upon a time (and not so long ago), sewing was a basic skill familiar to most households, especially (but not only) amongst women.  While at-home dressmaking and tailoring was coming to a quick close after World War I (when "ready-to-wear" in department stores became quick, easy and affordable), most mending and altering of garments still could take place in the hands of a talented amateur.  Every house had a drawer, box, or cake tin which held the needles, pins, seam-rippers and thread required to replace a button, mend a seam, or darn a sock.  It was during this period, just before World War I, that this pincushion would have been in-use.

The pincushion shown here is Edwardian English, made around 1905.  It's not too big, nor is it made for industrial use.  But, for the household where "just a bit" of stitchery was practiced, this pincushion would have sufficed.  The pincushion also provided a bit of aesthetic whimsey—making the repair task just a little more pleasurable.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this pincushion.

More nice Mother's Day gifts tomorrow and in the days to come.


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