Countdown to Father's Day - VII


Carpathian Ukrainian Hand-Carved Wooden Box with Inset Glass Beads (LEO Design)


As we approach Father's Day, we'd like to share a few select items—perfect for that "Dad with Great Taste."  See them—and many other great gift options—in the on-line store at LEO Design.

The Carpathian Mountains run over 900 miles, from the Czech Republic to Serbia. The Hutsul People (sometimes called Rusyns) live along that mountain range, specifically in the portion in Ukraine and Romania.  Due to their language and culture, most ethnographers categorize them as a Ukrainian subculture.  The Hutsuls have long engaged in forestry, logging and woodwork, and are known for their fine wood carving of craft objects.

The Carpathian Mountain spa town of Vorokhta became very popular at the turn of the Twentieth Century, once a railroad was built and visitors could easily come to visit. For centuries, Vorokhta had been controlled by Poland (which called it Worochta), but new boundaries drawn after World War I re-aligned the village with Ukraine and under the dominance of the Soviet Union.

But the spa town continued to remain very popular as a tourist destination, and the Hutsul people created high-quality craft products (often made of wood) to be sold as nice souvenirs for visitors.  This box, made in 1937, is an example.  Note the fine carving and the inset glass beads.  You can find out more about this box by clicking on the photo above.

More Handsome Gifts for Father's Day tomorrow.


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