Countdown to Father's Day - V


Gothic Revival Bronze-Clad "St. George & the Dragon" Bookends (LEO Design)


As we countdown the days 'til Father's Day, we would like to share some Handsome Gifts ideas sure to please any Dad.

For the Dad in shining armor: a pair of bronze-clad bookends bearing a handsomely-sculpted bas relief image of Saint George Slaying the Dragon.  Made in the 1920's, the bookends began their lives as finely hand-sculpted, original models from which moulds were made.  The moulds were then used to cast the actual bookends in a "composite material"—that is, a fortified blend of plaster and other strengthening ingredients.  Then the bookends were placed into a liquid bath containing finely-ground bronze dust.  When electrical voltage was applied—zzzaaap!—the bronze dust clung to the composite, forming a thin bronze "skin" around the bookend.  After cooling, the bronze could be patinated or painted like any other "true bronze" sculpture.  At the time, such bronze-clad objects were a "poor man's" version of foundry art bronzes—something to be purchased in a department store or in a museum gift shop.  In fact, the museum shop bookends were likely to tie-in with a piece of art or an exhibit in the museum.  Like today, people enjoyed taking-home a souvenir of their visit.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome pair of bookends.

More Father's Day gift ideas tomorrow and in the days to come.


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