Countdown to Father's Day - VI


Mirrored Pair of Finely Cast Bronze Elephant Bookends (LEO Design)


As we approach Father's Day, we'd like to share a few select items—perfect for that "Dad with Great Taste."  See them—and many other great gift options—in the on-line store at LEO Design.

Few animals are as impressive as a massive bull elephant—worked-up, stomping and ready to protect his family.  These majestic creatures will often live to the ripe-old-age of 65 or 70 when left unmolested in the wild, not that much different from humans.  And, yet, the animal is so improbably designed—with its heavy, lumpy body, thick, lumbering legs, ivory tusks, and ridiculously extended proboscis.  I'd love, someday, to see a group of elephants in the wild.  I'm sure it would be an experience I would never forget.

These bookends, made of finely-cast bronze, are extra special because they are  crafted as a "mirrored" pair (that is, two separate moulds which create mates which face in opposite directions).  This means, when standing on the bookshelf, both elephants will face-forward, into the room.  This method of manufacture is more time consuming and costly.  Two separate models must be sculpted, separate moulds must be made, and then the "mixed pairs" must be kept together throughout the finishing and packing process—to ensure that a "mirrored" pair (identically finished) is kept together when shipped.  Fewer than 5% of bookends were made in this "mirrored" manner.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.

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