Countdown to Father's Day - I

Finely Hand-Crafted Wooden Rowboat Model (LEO Design)


As we countdown the days 'til Father's Day, we would like to share some Handsome Gifts ideas sure to please any Dad.

For the Dad who loves the sea: a meticulously hand-crafted rowboat.  From the carefully bent gunnels, to the hand-carved oars, to the little coil of rope, the details of this little vessel are wonderfully executed.  More than a toy, it is a loving remembrance of afternoons on-the-water.  It could also be used to hold a small supply of business cards on the desk.

Here's a question for Dad: What's the difference between a "boat" and a "ship"?  This question will provoke animated responses, especially when a navy vet is in hearing distance. Traditionally, a "ship" is any vessel with three or more masts.  Anything else is a "boat."  But, now that motor vessels have been "added to the fleet," didacts (and snobs) are not content to leave tradition alone.  "Boats" and "ships" are now differentiated by the shape of the hull, the intended depth of the transit water, and even what kind of transport is intended (number of people, amount of cargo, whether there's a crew).  The way I think of it, in my simple land-lubbing mind, is this:  all water vessels are "boats."  "Boat" is a generic, umbrella, all-encompassing term which includes all varieties of water vessel—big or small, harbor craft or open sea liner.   "Ships" are a subdivision, a select type of vessel within the larger category of "boats."  Therefore it can be said: all "ships" are "boats" but not all "boats" are "ships."  Any water vessel can be accurately (though, perhaps imprecisely) called "a boat."

With my apologies to pedants, this little boat is (and always will be) a boat. Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

More Father's Day gift ideas tomorrow and in the days to come.


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