Countdown to Christmas - IV


Danish Modernist Stoneware Ceramic Sculpture of a Resting Foal by Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen (LEO Design)


When I was a kid, I was a member of the 4-H "Horsemanship Project" on Kauai.  I had a horse, "Chiquita,"  who required daily care.  I hadn't even heard of "stabling"—and my family would certainly not have paid for it.  Instead, every day after school, I'd head for the pasture, feed and groom Chiquita, and fill her bathtub "trough" with the gallons of water which we had to transport with us (no running water at our remote pasture).  Most days I would ride; some days I'd have a riding lesson.  And, if there was not enough grass for her in the pasture, I would go out with my sickle and cut for her a small truckload of long (itchy!) "elephant" grass.  Owning and caring for horses taught me responsibility and forced me to make choices: either care for my animal every day or give her up.

Every few months we'd have a horseshow.  My bedroom walls were covered with rosettes and ribbons—lots of different colors, not all blue.  And, once in a rare while, a club mate's mare would give birth and we would all race over to see the new foal.  There is nothing like seeing a baby horse—destined to become the most regal and elegant of animals—wobbling around on spindly legs, taking its first steps, struggling to reach its mother to nurse.

This Danish Modernist stoneware ceramic sculpture, made by artist Knud Kyhn for Royal Copenhagen, captures the gentle energy of a relaxing newborn foal.  The sculptor has captured the awkward, curled legs, the inquisitive, pricked ears, and the pulled-in muzzle—as if a fly had just buzzed around his snout.  It is dated 1969 and you can learn more about it by clicking on the photo above.


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