Christmas Eve

LEO Design's Painted Terra-cotta Guardian Angels after Michelangelo's (LEO Design)

The Holiday Season draws to an end—there are just eight days ’till the New Year.  Tonight we celebrate a LEO Design Holiday tradition as we have for nineteen Christmas Eves past: the procession and installation of our Italian terracotta angels into the shop window.

I bought the angels in 1995, fully-intending to sell them.  I displayed them in the shop that year; while there were many queries, there were no takers.  Come Christmas Eve (LEO Design’s first)—and having sold everything in the window—I popped-in these Renaissance Revival beauties.  They spent the Twelve Days guarding the shopfront, after which I packed them up ’till the next December.  After three Holiday seasons of trying to sell them (and, always moving them into the window on Christmas Eve), I finally decided I would keep them—and keep the Christmas Eve tradition going.

Now, in our twentieth Christmas, I have a list of customers who insist on being “the first to know” if I ever decide to sell them.  I don’t think I will.

Today, for Christmas Eve, LEO Design will be open from noon to 8:00 pm.