Call Me Ishmael . . .

"Old Salt" Cast Iron Bookends (LEO Design)

“Call me Ishmael,”  is perhaps the most famous opening line of any American Novel yet written.  On this day in 1851, The Whale, by Herman Melville, was published by Richard Bentley in London.  A few weeks later, it was published in New York under the name Moby Dick; or, The Whale.

Although it was met with lukewarm reviews, the book has since become very highly regarded.  In fact, it is now considered (by some) “The Great American Novel.”  It tracks the experiences of Ishmael who goes to sea on a whaling ship helmed by Captain Ahab, a man consumed with one goal alone:  to catch The Great White Whale.

Perhaps it's time to revisit Melville's great novel—and let him take you on salty adventures at sea.


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