Boxing Day


Japanese Mid-Century Modernist Covered Box with Red "Tortoiseshell" Lacquering and Black Lacquered Interior (LEO Design)


In England, "back in the old days" (when most middle-class families had household servants), "the help" was expected to work on Christmas Day, to serve their employers who were celebrating the holiday.  The day after Christmas was the day-off for the servants.  It was called "Boxing Day," as this was the day on which servants would receive their Christmas gifts—their "boxes."  Even today, despite the fact that very few British homes can afford live-in servants, Boxing Day is still a "bank holiday."

The Japanese Modernist lacquerware box, shown above, is dressed in a handsome red "tortoiseshell" lacquer.  The interior is finished in black lacquer.  This Mid-Century box is perfect for serving precious foods: elegant sushi, sophisticated cookies, exquisite pâtisserie.  It could also be used to keep-safe a collection: photographs, letters, watches, coins or medallions.  Or, to be practical, it could be used to corral those pesky television remote controllers.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome Japanese lacquerware box.


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