Boxing Day

LEO Design Custom Gift Boxing

In times past, English servants were required to work on Christmas—serving the family for the holiday.  Their special day was 26 December—Boxing Day—when they would receive their presents and have a day of ease.

For me, I begin my next buying trip today.  As you read this, I am headed to Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and other parts of the Near-Midwest.  On the hunt to replenish my shop after the Holiday rush, I hope to find lots of nice things for the New Year. During December, many people stay-focused on buying gifts for others; come January, they’re ready to buy something for themselves!  Thus, my rush to find new stock to keep the shop ever-changing and interesting.  New goods should be in-store around 1 January.

From 26 December through New Year’s Day, LEO Design is open from noon to 6:00 pm daily.