Black Friday


Bill Amberg English Zippered Wallet with Black Vegetable Dyed Calfskin (LEO Design)


Today is Black Friday, the start of the American Holiday Shopping Season.  Mythology informs us that Black Friday marks the day when merchants finally "go into the black"—that is, begin to mark their ledger books with black ink (profits) rather than red ink (losses).  This legend is certainly not true and probably has never been true.   Nevertheless, merchants eagerly await the busy season, hoping that they have selected the right merchandise (in the right quantities) to meet customer demand (and not have too many sitting around after Christmas).  While Christmas sales alone might not save a struggling merchant, a bad Christmas season can hurt a successful merchant.

Shown above, a black vegetable dyed calfskin wallet by Bill Amberg of London.  It closes with an elegant zipper around three sides—just a touch of urban toughness, not too much. And vegetable dyed leather develops a wonderful patina with handling, a gentle shine as it's "polished" in one's hands or pocket.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome wallet.


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