Be Prepared

Laguiole French Pocketknives with Exotic Hardwood Handles (LEO Design)

From Laguiole, France comes this collection of handsome (and useful) pocket knives. Hardened stainless steel blades are clad in exotic hardwoods.  Polished brass bolsters complete the look.  At 3.75″ long (when closed), the size is big enough to be useful but small enough to be kept in one’s pocket.  At front: Thuya wood.  Behind (left-to-right): Juniper, Snakewood, Briarwood.  $195.00 each.  We also have horn and bone-clad pocket knives in-store.

Perfect for the gentleman farmer, urban outdoorsman, or sophisticated Eagle Scout—perhaps your father.  Please come into the shop to see them or call us for more information.

More Father’s Day gift ideas tomorrow and in the days to come.