Back To The City - Day 4

Sensational Tiffany Leaded Glass and Bronze Table Lamp from the Sensational Collection of the New York Historical Society (LEO Design)

Though I lived in New York for 27 years, I never knew that the New York Historical Society exhibited a sensational collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany leaded glass lamps and other Tiffany Studio objets. 100 lamps—table lamps, lanterns, chandeliers—are beautifully displayed in a two-floor gallery.  Never have I seen such a wonderful accumulation of Tiffany items, all in one place.

Besides lamps, there are a small number of desk accessories and a large stained glass window depicting the good shepherd.

Detail from "The Good Shepherd" Stained Glass Window by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the Collection of the New York Historical Society (LEO Design)

The photo above is a detail image of sheep in the window.

The collection—indeed the entire New York Historical Society—is a true gem.  It was a hidden gem, for me (at least for 27 plus the six years I've been gone).  But it's hidden no more.  I intend to visit frequently, whenever I'm in the city.


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