Back-to-School ? So Soon ?

Spanish Staplers with Gold-Plated Mountings (LEO Design)

When I was a kid, school re-convened after Labor Day, during the first week of September. Today, it seems, the kids are heading-back and we’ve barely left July!  Could today’s returning schoolboy be as excited as I used to be—considering he’s being sent back-to-task before the first sign of an Autumn chill?

Perhaps an ultra-stylish stapler would posh-up the dorm room?  Made in Spain, these precision desk accoutrement come in black or chromed finishes—and are embellished with 23 karat gold-plated mountings.  The Spanish manufacturer began as a gun-maker about one hundred years ago.  Time and circumstance (the Depression, the end of the Spanish Civil War) encouraged the company to diversify and in the 1930’s, they began producing high-quality desk accessories.  Look carefully at the stapler and one can see the original traces of the metal-stamping dies converted to this more-peaceful end.  Black and 23 karat gold: $325. Chrome and 23 karat gold: $450.