Autumn is Here - part VII


Stoneware Bas Relief "Squirrel on Branch" Plaque (LEO Design)


Amongst the delights of urban home ownership is contending with the wildlife—wildlife which one would think should be living somewhere else (perhaps in a forest).  Crows select their urban Winter night roosts every October (and you should hope that that tree is not in your yard . . . or over your car).  Deer mow-down any tender shoot as it struggles to break-free of the ground.  And the squirrels work all day, every day, to get into (and empty) your wild birdseed feeder.

Despite these realities, crows, deer and squirrels all make wonderful decorative subjects in one's home.  The squirrel on the stoneware ceramic plaque, shown above, is sculpted in perfect bas relief—from the tense hunch of its back to the feathery twitch of its tail.  A bronze-brown and golden-tan glaze provides an earthy, natural look.  And a wire in the back makes it easy to hang it on a hook on the wall.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it. 

More Autumnal Offerings tomorrow and in the days to come. 


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