Autumn is Here - part II


Dutch Gouda Cabinet Vase with Hand-Painted "Autumn Leaves Wreath" (LEO Design)


Autumn leaves are the surest (visual) sign of the Fall season. Hilltops blush—first with a tinge, then with a flame of color.  Sidewalks, eventually, are blanketed with crispy, desiccated leaves.  Before long, the skeletal "arms" of trees—trunks, branches, twigs—will lay bare against the silvery winter sky.  It's all part of the seasonal cycle of trees, and their leaves, which reminds us that the year moves-on, with or without our consent.  But not to worry; the soft green buds of spring will be back in a matter of months.  And the whole cycle will begin again.

The sweet Dutch Gouda vase, shown above, is a little celebration of Autumn.  A wreath of colorful leaves is draped on the shoulders of the cabinet vase.  It's bright, optimistic, and undeniably Autumnal.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

More Autumnal Offerings tomorrow and in the days to come.


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