And Then There Were Three . . .

The Smiling Face of LEO Design's 20th Anniversary Lion

Every year I find a single stuffed animal—usually a teddy bear—and he becomes that year’s “Holiday Bear.”  We pile a bunch of them into a large ceramic pickle crock, right next to the front door, and keep selling them until they’re gone.  Last Christmas, in honor of LEO Design’s twentieth anniversary, I selected a different stuffed animal—a jolly lion.  They sold briskly through the Holidays and into the early part of the New Year.  As of today, there are just three left.  Help us say good bye to this cute and happy lion—and come by quickly if you want one for yourself!  Or click on the photo above to buy one on-line.  And if you miss-out, fear not; I’ve already ordered a great new teddy bear for the 2016 Holiday season. Come-by and see him in November.


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