An Italian Sculptural Pilgrimage - part IV

The Highly-Decorated Façade of the Palazzo Podesta, Genova (LEO Design)

Join me on my summer holiday as I travel (mostly) through Italy—as always, in search of beautiful sites, sculpture and all things sculpture-ish. 

Genova—called "la Superba"—is a muscular and bustling port city along the Northern Mediterranean coast of Italy. From the Middle Ages, Genova profited from brisk International trade within the Mediterranean (and eventually beyond) and, as a result, became a World center of banking and finance from the early 1400's. Though the city saw continued industrial growth into the Twentieth Century, the city is replete with landmarks and shrines to its previous world-dominating wealth. Even today, the port of Genova is Italy's busiest and also the most important on the Mediterranean. 

Iconic seamen, Christopher Columbus and Andrea Doria, were both born in the city—and each embraced the confidence (and manifest destiny) of powerful people on the rise. 

The façade, shown above, belongs to the Palazzo Podestà, built (1559-1565) for the rich and powerful businessman Nicolosio Lomellino. It was built by Giovan Battiste Castello (called "Bergamasco") at Via Garabaldi 7 (Genova's smartest street). The exterior is a feast of sculpted plasterworks—plentiful yet always handsomely tasteful. It has been named a Unesco World Heritage Site—and is just one of Genova's reminders of its glorious (and wealthy) past.

We'll continue our summer holiday tomorrow. 


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